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 Little Snake River Valley School Advisory Board Minutes
February 6 Advisory Board Minutes
Brandy Gillies
Staff Writer

(These are unofficial minutes. Official minutes, kept by the secretary, will be approved at the next board meeting.)
The Advisory Board meeting on February 6, 2017, was called to order by President Keith Duncan at 4:18 p.m. Those present included board members Jack Corson, Keith Duncan, Todd Skalberg, Joel Thomas and Matt Feldmann. Others in attendance included: Dora Gallenbeck, Danielle McKee, Hannah Hurd, Jamie Litvinoff, Cindy Cobb, Celia Corson, Codey Stocks, Christy Stocks, Mandy and Dennis Goodwin, and Brandy Gillies. Superintendent Fletcher Turcato was also in attendance.
There were no additions or amendments made to the agenda.
A motion was made by Corson and seconded by Skalberg for approval of the 12-05-16 Advisory Board Minutes, with all voting aye.
Principal's Report: Thomas submitted his written report to the Advisory Board and all present. Highlights include: enrollment is 190 students, free and reduced lunch is 26%, IDEA 10%, and ELL is at 5%. Thomas said, “We are 99% complete with MAP testing. The growth K-8th looks really good across the board, but we are still in the high 40s for PAWS proficiency according to the numbers. In order to meet AYP (adequate yearly progress), 53% of our students need to be proficient on PAWS. Staff committees (PLCs) are focused on setting goals for the end of the year. They are mapping our what needs to be covered before PAWS testing and adjusting curriculum based on weaknesses revealed from the MAP test. This is the first year we are having a hard time predicting our PAWS proficiency. We have had high mobility this year with 38 kids moving in and out.” Community relations: Thomas said, First semester attendance was 97.1% and our community deserves a huge thank you for making this a priority!  The flu hit hard in January, and our attendance fell to 93.7% for the month.  Hopefully we are through the worst of it. Our attendance has been a lot better in the past week.”
CCSD#1 Board Report: Current CCSD#1 budget is  about $26 million.  Next year, school board will need to make about $565 thousand in cuts.  Most cuts will be absorbed through attrition, but as enrollment decreases, there will be less funding.  For each student, the district receives $14,400.  It costs $57 thousand per day to operate our school district. The goal is to not cut from the classrooms. It's still unclear where the currenly debated legislation for funding will end up, but Turcato said legislators tell us one thing and then "starve the beast." He said the public can make it a priority to call the state representatives and tell them we need funding for education it is vital for our schools.
Superintendent's Report: Because of last year's achievement of LSRV ranking first in the state in ACT scores, the superintendent will jump into the Little Snake River this spring. Turcato said, “The focus is on attendance district wide. Hard work trumps talent everyday so if our teachers are showing up we know they are excellent employees. If kids are sick with the flu we don't want them to come to school. District wide we are down two to three percent because of the flu. When attendance drops our scores drop, because of this I put pressure on the principals who in turn put pressure on the families to get their kids to school if they are healthy. Attendance wars/prizes is my beast so if you have an issue don't harp on Joel because I started this goal for higher attendance.” Discipline philosophy for students is “smallest amount of consequences that does the largest amount of damage."  Discipline is different for each student and each circumstance. Turcato said, “For example, if we have a football player in trouble his discipline might be not being able to play in Friday night's game. Students respond better if you take something away that they love. All of this is confidential and parents just need to trust the administration. We are hard on discipline because we want great kids in our school.” Turcato explained that Rawlins is considering trying out the four day school week for 2018-2019.  Lyman and Star Valley are currently on this schedule.  They are considering piloting this with Rawlins High School.
Technology Report: none available.
Old Business: Thomas gave an update on staffing/interviews. He said, “Jack Cobb has been hired to be the new head high school football coach, Christal Moon (who was our only full time sub) has been hired for a special ed para role. Music teacher interviews will be held Wednesday, February 8.  Social Studies teacher interviews will be Thursday, February 16, and Elementary teacher interviews will be Friday, February 17. Tomi Sue Wille will be moving to kindergarten.  Hannah Hurd will either take 2nd grade or 4th grade, depending on best fit for the new elementary teacher. Nothing happens until it is board approved, and Thomas will move the nominations to the board immediately following interviews. Currently, there is one 3-bedroom teacher house open and one duplex open beginning in June.”
New Business:
The Advisory Board members and Superintendent Turcato discussed the Recreation Board funding cuts.  The School Board controls Rec Board funding.  The School Board has a proposal on table to keep 70% of Rec funds and give 30% to Rec Board to distribute.  This would be a significant reduction from where current funding is set.  The School Board is tabling the vote on this for a month to have more discussion with public, discuss budgets and look at all options.  Locally, the main organizations that use Rec Board money annually are the Pre-school, VCC, Event Center and Lions Club Rodeo. Turcato said, “I don't want to take from LSRV and Baggs, but we have this new aquatic center and if we let it sit it will just dry up like an ice rink. We have to take care of it, and we are trying to work out the best way possible to make sure the funds go to take care of the center and still pump some of that back into the Baggs community.”
Audience Discussion: Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin addressed the Advisory Board with some follow-up concerns that they had from last Advisory Board Meeting concerning bullying, disciplinary actions and permissions/communication needed to take their student off of campus.  
Corson moved and Skalberg seconded to go into an executive session to discuss the Advisory Board recognition award recipients, and to adjourn the main meeting, which was approved.  The next meeting for the advisory board will be April 27, 2017.